Parents and/or Guardians:  Each application will be reviewed on a NEED basis and consideration of how many children in your family attend Catholic Schools.  No application will be reviewed without a full copy of a current 1040 Federal Income Tax Return, including all schedules.

This Scholarship fund is available for awards to students residing within the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Florida, who apply to attend a Catholic elementary, middle or high school.  The scholarship does not include the Early Childhood Centers and the private schools of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Academy of the. Holy Names Elementary and High School, Jesuit High School and Cristo Rey Tampa.  The student must be an active practitioner of the Roman Catholic faith.  While the award of a scholarship shall be based significantly upon financial need, academic merit shall also be evaluated, taking into consideration the grade level of the applicant.  These conditions are to be continually reviewed by the Trustee and an Advisory Committee.

An application form must be fully completed for each student applicant (i.e. if there are three (3) children in a family who are applying, a fully completed application must be submitted for each child.)

All applications and income tax and schedules must be uploaded to the school file, no later than April 30th.  No JPEG pictures will be accepted.  You may mail the application and income tax to the following:


Please write the name of your child’s school and your child’s name across the top of the income tax as all applications are filed by the school and the student’s name. 

Scholarships are available in varied amounts to qualified applicants.  Annual awards are not automatically renewable.  Each year a new application must be completed and submitted.  Determination of scholarship awards shall be in the sole and absolute discretion of the Trustee and in partnership with each school.  Your school will then notify you of your award.  If awarded a scholarship grant from this Trust, payments will be made directly to the schools twice a year during the school year.  One half of the annual award will be paid in the fall, and the balance in the following spring.

Download Application and Income Tax Information

Click the button below to download the student application PDF document to your computer. Print the student application document and fill in your information. Submit completed documents in contact form below. If you are unable to upload an application and tax information documents, please mail your necassary forms to the address provided. Mark on the envelope MARY C FORBES FOUNDATION.

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Fill in the form below, select your school, upload your student application and income tax return forms using the Choose Files button, and click send.

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